What I do

This is a question that lots of people have asked and left wondering!

Predominantly I am an IT geek who having bought my first computer, a Commodore VIC 20, about 27 years ago have been hooked. Even after all of these years I still have an urge to learn about the newest and latest technologies and continuously strive to identify areas where the use of IT can be maximised. This includes at work, at play, and with a step-daughter being a primary school teacher, in the classroom.

This last area really interests me as unlike when I was at school bound to a desk and books from the library todays pupils have the world at their feet. They can use the power of the internet to go globetrotting but link it to their education. For example if learning about ancient rome they can ‘fly’ there via Google earth and walk around the street courtesy of Google street view, they can examine the building and how they were built using Sketchup. I find it so fascinating but then again I came from a generation when you HAD to go to local library to gather the information that is so readily available nowadays.

So what do I do?

I have spent over 2o years working within IT from development through to systems management in many different guises, as a hands on developer/doer through to managing a mixture of on and off shore resources to deliver large scale projects. I have a varied selection of skills from being proficient in some areas to having a good understanding of others.

Though my passion is and always has been hands-on development. I find it very satisfying to take an idea, mould it, develop it, sometimes break it apart before finally delivering a piece of work. When you are in ‘the zone’ during development its something akin to those adverts you see where everything flying around you but you know exacly where they all fit. Being a developer is like being a painter or sculptor, you are an artist, the only difference is what you create.

To this end I develop websites and endeavour to deliver the best possible, go to www.markonline.co.uk to see what I do and could possibly do for you?