All you ever need to know about who I am !!!!

Bad boy turned good!!!

The Early Years

Born in Croxdale nursing home in the mid fifties, makes me sound right old doesn’t it! Lived at 38 Orchard Road, Darlington when at Reid Street Primary School, best mates were Brian Hancock, David Butterfield, Paul Johnson and I can’t forget snogging Judith Shepherd in the Denes!

Went onto Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for boys, now a sixth form college, which was not exactly a highlight in my academic years. I think I was bottom of the bottom class every year!!! Still I left or was asked to leave and therefore suppose I became notorious at least for a short time.

Lived in Jedburgh Drive, Branksome whilst at Grammar School, Gordon Todd lived next door, would like to hear from him.

Then came a year full time at College of Technology followed by a apprenticeship at Whessoe in Brinkburn Road which is now a housing estate. Those were very interesting and formative years.

During this period spent a bit of time in High Conniscliffe with Dianne Spearman (my first love), then went out with the girl next door Lynne Harrison, where are they now or anybody else who I mention?

Have 4 brothers; Peter, John, Phillip, Timothy and 2 sisters; Ruth and Elizabeth (twins).

The Middle Bit

Went onto travel the world courtesy of Esso and Merchant Navy, followed by numerous jobs including building pig sheds, building maintenance and erecting cranes before getting into IT. Worked at Yorkshire Water in Bradford, Guardian Royal Exchange at Lytham and GE Capital in Leeds as was, then rebranded GE Money but now taken over by Santander! Been in IT over 20 years now had a period contracting in the heydays when the money was excellent and life was very good.

Lived in Easingwold for a short while then in York when first got married, Upper Newborough Street, before moving to Twinpike Way in Wigginton, on edge of York. Have 2 children, Laura who lives in Reading and Simon who is in the Royal Engineers.

The Last Part

Now live in Mirfield, having re-married to Anne in 1998. Still in IT but back to contracting, still continue to look for that next big money making idea, who knows what the future will hold!

Exciting eh!!